Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small Blessings

This seems the right week and season to practice gratitude for simple things, and I have my choice for today: the feijoa from Farmer Joe's. This fruit, also called the Pineapple Guava, was a New Zealand discovery - they were in season when we traveled there back in March, and we saw them touted on chalkboards in grocery stores everywhere we went. We even saw them growing at an organic farm in Rotorua.

Soon we had a steady supply of the homely little fruit onboard the camper van for a quick sweet fix. You eat it like a kiwi - cut it in half and then scoop out the slightly juicy flesh with a spoon. The smell is heavenly - citrusy and woody.

Last week when I got back from London I popped into my local organic grocery for a few supplies and there, on a paper napkin, were a handful of feijoa. I grabbed one for each of us and brought them home; when our youngest came in from school she said, "What's that?" I held it under her nose and she gave me a huge smile. "NEW ZEALAND!"

So today I'll be grateful for a trip to New Zealand for $0.49.

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