Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Pete Yorn and ScarJo

I admit it. When I heard that Pete Yorn was collaborating with lippy, busty actress Scarlett Johansson on a new album, my eyes rolled back in my head and stuck there. I've been a longtime Pete Yorn fan, and while I TOTALLY get his appeal to an actress who wants to prove her musical chops, I figured he had a little more musical integrity.

Turns out, he's a guy. So of course he wants to spend days with ScarJo in the recording studio. Guess I have to give him a pass on that.

But then - the first single, "Relator," from the album The Breakup came out.

And it's catchy. Stick in your ear and sing along catchy. Mrs. Ryan Reynolds may only sing 5 notes, but she sings them well, with a kind of June Carter Cash twang that melds really nicely with Pete's gravelly grown. Curse you, Woody Allen Muse! You lend just enough credibility to encourage this sort of thing in people like Megan Fox and Drew Barrymore.

NOW what do I do? Download the whole album? Comments welcome.


  1. the entire record is AWESOME!!!!! i highly suggest purchasing it if you have the means.

  2. thanks ScarJo/oops I mean Anonymous! :)
    I probably will. Sigh.

  3. First, Neil Finn(?) the lead singer, principle song-writer, of Crowded House couldn't have a nice comment about your book and now Mr. Yorn is collaboarating with what's her face... hmmm...

  4. Hi Anonymous (are you the same anonymous or a different one?)
    not sure of your point here...I think I qualify as a big fan of both artists and do what I can in my tiny patch of grass to promote their work...but I do have opinions - is that not ok?

    At any rate - thanks for taking the time to read the blog and care enough to comment. I appreciate it.

  5. Just closing the loop - downloaded "The Breakup" today and will be listening to it on my drive down to the South Bay. Hope it's all as good as the first single...

  6. and finally...yeah, Anonymous is right, it's good, certainly worth downloading. Their voices have a nice quality together, and I'm a sucker for the banjo backing...

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Its me the second anonymous. You're welcome. It is a lovely and interesting blog. It is inspiring.

    To comment on your post:

    double hmmmmm.....

    By the way, I appreciate that I can post anonymously, but there is obviously no need. It was just easier than trying any of the other options available. I am very new at this blogging/commenting thing.

    And thoughts or advice on whether I should reveal my identity?



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