Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday's Music Moment - A 90s Flashback

Don McGlashan is a Kiwi singer/songwriter (turns out there's another one) who opened for Crowded House on their recent US tour. He's big news in New Zealand and had some bigger hits with his band, The Mutton Birds, back in the 90s, but goes relatively unknown in the States.

At both Fillmore shows I attended, McGlashan kicked out a great opener despite the "rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb" chatter of the crowd. But both nights the crowd fell totally transfixed when he played an as-yet-unrecorded song that McGlashan said he was going name either "I Hope Your Boyfriend" or "Just How Lucky." The song rocked the bells and managed to combine humor, romantic longing, and an anti-global warming message. On top of that the chorus wormed its way into our collective brains like a virus, and I'm still humming it three months later.

However the tune, whatever it's finally going to be called, has yet to make YouTube or any other platform I can find. In the meantime, then, I'm posting this old Mutton Birds clip of their 1994 song "Anchor Me," which McGlashan also performed. I'll call it new music, because it's new to me. Good stuff. Happy Friday.


  1. I too was at both Fillmore shows - and I'm shocked to see "Just How Lucky" is not included on McGlashan's subsequent album Marvellous Year, released last month!

    What a shame. I don't understand why a slice of pure GOOD STUFF like that would be passed over.

  2. Hi Dogimo - ironically enough, I was in NZ on vacation last week and stopped in a record store in Devonport to pick up the McGlashan CD...was so flabbergasted that "Just How Lucky" wasn't on it that the guy had to put the CD into the listening station for me to prove it. Maybe he wants to keep it for live performance only, a la "Throw Your Arms Around Me" for Crowded House...still, I was so disappointed I ended up buying a Mel Parsons CD instead. How is Marvellous Year otherwise?

  3. I can't say, I didn't get it either!

    I think I owe the guy an album after those sweet opening sets, but I need to let my disappointment simmer a bit.

    Still. Maybe it was just one of those deals where it didn't seem to "fit." But to me...a song like make room!

  4. Oh, and hey --

    >ironically enough, I was in NZ on vacation last week

    ...and I hope you know just how lucky you is!

  5. Going to NZ - lifelong dream that came together in 8 days thanks to low airfares and a strengthening dollar. Being there - well - it was almost as if "the earth moved on its axis, the rich folks paid their taxes," and whatever other wonderful McGlashan lyrics used to describe his joy at seeing the girl in "Just how Lucky."

    And I have to say, what I heard on the listening post at the music store of Marvellous Year was really good, worth a venture.

  6. Yes, I am probably leaning towards getting the most recent one. I'm sure it's high-quality, but I was disappointed not to be able to get that song.

    It reminds of the Beck song he knocked us out with at the Santa Cruz Civic called "Touch Dolphins" - it's never come out. He's had two albums since then!

  7. and that's why we keep buying concert tickets, no matter what's happening in the economy. Haven't seen Beck yet, he's top of my list though...

  8. When I saw him, current (and fantastically solid and thorough) Crowded House drummer Matt Sherrod was pounding the kit for Beck!

    Small world.

    Great performer, though, Beck. World-class! A credit to his religion.


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