Friday, June 10, 2011

Just One Perspective on Garage Sales

I know there's a theory that holding a garage sale is a good, clean way to get rid of unwanted junk and make a little money in the process. That's just never been my experience. Today I've been invited to guest post on the subject over on "Four Perspectives," a sweet, soulful blog that combines the worldview of four different writers in a way that recognizes that "no one ever sees things quite the same way."

Four Perspectives

But I know: it's Friday and we all need our music moment, so don't hop on over there just yet… apropos of Four Perspectives, I wanted a song that showcases a different point of view. And until this week, you just didn't hear much on the airwaves from a Wiener Dog's standpoint. Yes, for Bay Area residents who listen to KFOG, you will recognize this as a staple of "Acoustic Sunrise" on Sunday mornings. For the rest of you: enjoy the heartfelt interpretation of a Dachshund's lament, as written and sung by Peter Himmelman in his classic and hard to find "Dixie the Tiny Dog."

Then go read about the great redistribution of wealth that was the 1970s era Virginia Colony garage sale. May you give as good as you get this weekend.


  1. Nancy, I am thinking that is a RIOT. How esp. fun with Weinergate in the news. (hopefully that will disappear in short (no pun intended) order.

  2. Jumping over from 4 Perspectives. You have a nice blog!

  3. OMG, that song is so hilarious!!! I was laughing out loud at the picture of the dog in hot dog bun! Loved the garage sale memories, so like my neighborhood, except that my pet parakeet "tweety" would accompany me and my BFF Abby T. in his/her (not sure what gender the bird was) cage, while I perused everyone's wares...very strange, I know. Walking a parakeet, huh?

  4. SO GLAD that you have your post at four perspectives.

    They have a beautiful, meaningful, blog of note...I wish they had more visitors and contributors!!


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