Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Give Me Something I Can Write About

Leaving today for three days in the dripping wet redwoods for a writing conference at St. Dorothy's Rest, the oldest continuously operating summer camp in - California? The U.S.? I can't remember, but it's been around a long time. The conference is fairly free-form from what I can tell, lots of time to write and hike and read. I am packing up the laptop, hiking boots, and some books for inspiration: Last of the Mohicans, Loving Frank, and The Women by T.C. Doyle. As Elizabeth Gilbert suggested in her TED conference, I will then wait for Dobby to spring out of the cabin walls and rub some of his genius juice on the Helen Pitts project.

Or as Neil says:
"I wait with a blank piece of paper
On the top of my head
And all I want is something I can write about
All I want is something I can cry about."

That about sums it up. BTW for you purists - the 5th (and temporary) Crowdie in this video is Davey Lane, an Australian musician who lead guitarist of You Am I (since 1999), and frontman of The Pictures.

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