Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday's Music Moment - David Byrne and Brian Eno

I'm really looking forward to Monday night, when we're going to see David Byrne and Brian Eno playing at SF's Davies Symphony Hall. I've never seen Byrne play live, but my best friend who is an extremely reliable music arbiter says he does the best live show of anyone, ever. Eno's a music pioneer himself, and when he produces an album it's an automatic seal of quality to me.

For their newest collaboration, Everything that Happens Will Happen Today, the duo has made it uber-easy for fans to download and share their music from the official web site, where visitors can stream the entire album, download one song for free, and grab the code to embed the video below. It's interesting how they've made three different formats available, from $8.99 to digital download only to a deluxe $69.99 package that includes screensavers, bonus songs, and - I don't know - a backrub? That type of digital differentation allows them to hit die-hard and new fans alike with the same basic product.

My only complaint is that I can't purchase through iTunes and instead must set up a new account with Sagemeister...easier (and better suited to impulse purchases like new music) to just click "buy album" in iTunes and have it show up on my credit card.

But overall it's a direct approach that acknowledges the role that digital sharing can have in helping, not hurting, musicians. See, I'm telling you about the new album, and after you watch the video, maybe you'll download it. And my endorsement didn't cost the record company a penny. Though I am hoping for a set list or guitar pick on Monday night.

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