Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday's Music Moment - Thanks for the dreams, DMB

The Dave Matthews Band starts a three-night set at the Greek Theater in Berkeley tonight, and I have two friends- lifelong DMB fans both - for whom this is root-shaking news. They had it on good authority that the band is staying at a certain East Bay hotel with a vista, so they decided that last night was a perfect evening to hit the fancy bar there for some cocktails. I came along for moral support and to hold the purses and coats, should Dave himself come in to enjoy the live jazz.

Well, he didn't show though most of his crew was there. Even this was exciting to my friends, for whom it's obvious that Dave's music has made an important contribution to their lives. And with the conversation and laughs, we decided the night was a success anyways.

So in honor of my two Dreamgirl girlfriends, here's a little Dave Matthews Band to help you into the weekend.

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