Thursday, September 4, 2008

Knowing Pains Anthology has launched

I have an essay called "Fanning the Flames" in a new anthology called Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in our 40s. Here's the jacket blurb:
Have you ever wondered how other women survived their 40s? You'll get an earful in Knowing Pains, an honest, humorous, thoughtful and diverse collection of essays by real women who aren't afraid to tell their age and tell it like it is. Sex, marriage, love, divorce, motherhood, singlehood, passion, obsession. Nothing is off-limits to this startlingly fresh group of new female voices that Molly Rosen has brought together to swap stories and compare notes on the desires, influences and events that have impacted and shaped their midlives. Collectively, they form a true picture of how real women not only survive their 40s, but thrive with dignity, courage and laughter.
The book was a labor of love fueled almost entirely by volunteer efforts, from the essays, illustrations by Jill McCleary and right down to the cover photograph. And 100% of net proceeds from the book will go to Breast Cancer Action ( to fund research and access to care. The book is available now through Amazon and should be in local bookstores soon as well.

My essay probably falls into the obsession category, though I sort of hope not. It's about how my 26+ years as a fan of musician Neil Finn has always connected me to the thoughts and passions of my younger self, no matter how old the outer shell has grown, and how helpful that sort of obsession (be it for musicians, road bikes, travel, books...) can be. I'll have a chance to read in person at the following venues over the next few months - hope to see some of you there!

  • Friday, Sept. 26 at Great Good Place for Books, Oakland 7 pm
  • Tuesday, Oct. 14 at Simayof Mansion, San Francisco (AICI Chapter event - entry fee)
  • Thursday, Nov. 13 at the Lafayette Library 7:30 pm

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