Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Mel Parsons

This is a weekend on which the Music Moment possibilities should be endless - between Independence Day and the start of the Tour de France, I was thinking about some Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp, maybe some Centerfield by John Fogerty, at the very least Bicycle by Queen.

Foiled again! All are on YouTube with embedding the musicians and music labels figure out where their content resides, and iTunes makes it possible to capture revenue from those locked up videos, why would they give them out for free? What's left is some shaky live concert footage, or a version of the video that someone filmed off their old TV set. NOT Friday Music Moment worthy. I'm not complaining...respect and honor due to the content creators, man.

But thank goodness for new artists who are still trying to build their following and recognize videos as a great way to connect with new fans. Case in point - the lovely and talented Mel Parsons from New Zealand. We bought her CD when we were in Auckland thanks to a recommendation from a record store clerk, but did not even crack the cellophane to play it in the campervan, so nerve-wracked were we by the driving. However we have played it a ton since we got home and it is bouncy and soulful and sweet all at once.

Here's Mel's first video featuring her song "Darling, Darling" - not sure what I like more, her clothing, hairstyles or that cute husband who gives the gifts that keep on giving. Probably the ending. When are coming to (my) home on tour, Mel?

Happy 4th, Happy TDF, Happy Friday!

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