Thursday, June 25, 2009

The ignonimy of the Skort

If there is one garment I rely on in the summer, it's my tan skort, similar to this model from Title 9. I bought it 5 years ago and it's as functional today as the day I brought it home. It's particularly good for dog walking because mine has about 62 pockets to accomodate poop bags, cell phones, keys, tissues and dog treats. Roomier than shorts, a little sassier than a skirt, and made of some indestructible nylon kind of military material that wipes clean with a sponge. it's just the right thing for hiking, biking, and grocery shopping which describes about 60% of my normal summer day.

Yes, I loved me some dog walking skort. Right up until my kids started laughing hysterically yesterday as I got on my bike in my skort, to do laps with them on the one flat spot in our neighborhood.

"Remember in that show," says one, and the other daughter, gasping for air, responds, "When he said..." and then neither one of them can talk for a little while because they're laughing so hard.

"WHAT?" I say, annoyed. I don't know much, but I know they're laughing at me. Finally one of them calms down enough to talk.

"This kid on a show we watch said 'You know, a skort. It's like a mullet for your butt.'"

So now I have that image to think of when I pull on the trusty skort. Butt mullet in full effect!

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