Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Valentine's Edition

Today's song has to be romantic, so I'm posting what I considered the most romantic Split Enz song ever - Message to My Girl. (This version comes from a reunion tour circa '99/2000 in NZ.) I just loved the vulnerability in this song when I first heard it. Then I turned it into a lullaby for my daughters when they were infants which was probably weirdly inappropriate (I don't want to say I love you, that would give away to much?) but the title worked.

This a.m. I was walking and listening to my iPod. I'd been reading recently about AutoTune, an automatic pitch corrector that is taking the recording world by storm but makes the singer's voice sound a little robotic and way too perfect. Seemed like every fast pop/dance song that came up on my shuffle (I'm trying to keep my heart rate up, after all) has Auto-tuned the interest right out of it.

So enjoy this video along with Neil's imperfect, perfect voice.

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