Monday, September 22, 2008

The Knowing Pains Juggernaut continues

For a self-published book that doesn't officially launch until October 1, I'm proud to say that Knowing Pains is already making waves. A launch press release hit the wires today and the editor, Molly Rosen, has been doing press interviews left and right. In the meantime we finally have a promo item - a slick bookmark - to hand out, and I've already given away my whole stash.

Last Saturday night there was a party at the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory in Berkeley to celebrate the book's launch and give a chance for the contributors to mix and mingle. I'll post some pics later, but for now I'll just recommend the factory tour and Scharffen Berger's cafe, Cafe Cacao, to anyone looking for a cool outing. I'm definitely taking the kids back for the factory tour...and not just because there were plates of 80%, 70%, and 65% dark chocolate squares circulating throughout the lecture component of the tour. Though that was nice too.

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