Saturday, June 21, 2008

But can you pickle herring in a cup?

Went "through the tunnel" into Contra Costa County last night for our friends Molly and Rasmus' Midsommar Party, honoring Ras' Swedish heritage and incredible cooking. There were a passel of bona fide Swedes there turning red in the 100+ degree weather, and singing what to me sounded like "inska-inska-inska- MIDSOMMAR!" before slamming shots of Akavit. As usual the Swedish fare was incredible - we ate nearly 200 homemade meatballs - and I finally broke down and ate a piece of pickled herring in deference to Rasmus. Did NOT taste like chicken.

Another guest and accomplished cook in her own right was Julia Myall, who with Greg Lowe has recently published a book on children's cooking with Chronicle Books called Cook it in a Cup! It's ingenious, easy, and the packaging is great - the cookbook comes with six silicone muffin cups in which everything from candied carrots to banana chocolate chip muffins to meatloaf can be cooked. Since some of the kids splashing in Molly and Ras' pool were also featured in the book, I made sure to gather autographs all around. It would make a great birthday gift for a budding cook, or a fun way for kids to prep an easy summer meal.

If this Midsommar Party tradition continues, she'll have to come up for a recipe for a Bloody Mary in a cup.

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