Friday, June 27, 2008

How was, cough cough, camp?

Just drove up to Russian River to retrieve our eldest daughter from her week of sleepaway camp. The drive took us straight into the haze that has been steadily moving southward from the estimated 840 wildfires that erupted further north as a result of a freak summer lightning storm. (Here in the Bay Area we don't do summer and lightning simultaneously.) The air has been relatively clear in Oakland, thanks to our nice bay breezes and the summer marine fog layer, but there was no denying it today. The sun is glowing orange at midday.

If that weren't enough proof, the misery of my daughter's allergy congestion - which I'm sure was exacerbated by the smoke - drove the point home. I would have brought some allergy meds with me, had I known she was suffering, but she would have had to write me a letter to communicate that. Yes, I guess I am the only writer in the family, because the kid didn't waste one thin stamp on her family who was missing her back home. I guess when the alternatives to letter writing include hiking 12 miles to the Pacific Ocean, canoing on the Russian River, or bowling in the camp chapel (aka "Holy Bowling") the letter-writing would take a back seat.

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