Friday, May 16, 2008

She should probably hang up her concert-going shoes now

Took my ten year old daughter to the Fillmore to hear Crowded House last night - her very first concert. After the experience she had, I am counseling her never to go to another again, because nothing could compare to her luck last night.

We got there early enough to get into the second row of the standing-room-only venue, and when the show started a couple in front of us insisted my daughter stand with them in the front row, with me right behind. After a few minutes the security guard in the three-foot-wide safety zone between crowd and stage beckoned her forward, and my kid got to see the entire show sitting comfortably on a bench in the pit, about arm's reach from Mark Hart and Neil Finn. (Of course that meant I had to stand right behind her, so I didn't fare too poorly either.)

The security guard went on to give her a bottle of water, and when I mentioned to him that we would be leaving before the second encore started, went and got my daughter a poster to take home.

The show was rockin', livelier than the first night and heavy on songs from Together Alone, my favorite CH album, so I couldn't have been happier. My daughter loved it and was really amazed at how the musicians switched easily between guitar, bass, slide guitar, keyboards, etc. "How did they learn to play so many instruments?"

That would have been an amazing story for her to tell, but wait there's we walked towards the door, strains of "Something So Strong" accompanying us, another guard came over to give her A BACKSTAGE PASS.

So my life dream has come true. For my daughter.

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