Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lots of new Crowded House material at the Fillmore

Great Crowded House show last night at the Fillmore, which was a balmy 80 degrees or so inside. I can't remember ever in ten years driving into the city at night in any season without a fleece, so it felt like being on vacation in some one else's city. Maybe Tokyo - my wingwomen and I ate at the Kinokuniya Center and ordered bowls of udon. They came in bathtub-sized vats that we could have had a quick swim in afterwards.

The band was in great form, as far as I could see from my second row perch. :) Compared to last year which was heavy on the Time on Earth material for obvious reasons, this show dug a lot deeper into the archives. The new stuff sounded good - hope they get back in the studio and get that on the proverbial wax soon.

Always some great impromptu moments at CH shows, like when Mark Hart played a rockin' American Woman and Neil jumped into the audience to sing Happy Birthday. Neil was also begging Nick Seymour to finish the haircut he started during a Toronto show... here's a sneaky video someone took of the process. The drummer, Matt Sherrod, has played with Beck so that's Devil's Haircut you hear in the background.

Going back tonight for their second show with my oldest daughter -- her very first concert. The Fillmore's not a bad place to start a concert-going career! Just bought her some little purple earplugs, in case the excellence of this music over the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus proves overpowering for her.

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