Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Bic Runga

One of the multi-talented musicians who sat in with Neil Finn last week at the Largo was the ethereal Bic Runga from New Zealand. (She's hapa - half Chinese Malaysian, half Maori, or - as the man in line behind me at the show told everyone so confidently yet inappropriately - "Oriental Australian.") One of the best songs of the night Sunday was when she and KT Tunstall played a new song called "Black Silk Ribbon" - as KT put it, "it's a murder ballad because Bic said [in a squeaky little voice] 'Shall we kill him off?'"

That song won't release until September on the Oxfam album, so in the meantime enjoy "Sway" from her 2007 album Drive. I have to laugh at the video a little, though - seriously, would a convenience store clerk really stand a chance at NOT falling in love with Bic?

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