Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Old Skool Karoake Hip Hop

So skool's out for summer, and the PTA moms are as ready to let off some steam as their offspring. If you dare, you can join us on Monday night at Luka's Tap Room in Oakland for "Old Skool Karaoke Hip Hop Night." It's an amalgamation that seems tailored to the particular non-academic talents of this bunch: lawyers, writers, teachers, business owners by day, rappers frozen in 1989 by night.

If the DJ has it, I will be busting my move to the Young MC song below. It's a routine I've done before to great acclaim, on a business trip in Japan in '94 or so, and I can spit the rhymes just as fast now as I did back in the day. And with the food as good as it is at Luka's, I'll also be stone cold munchin'.

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