Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Frederick Douglass photo in a textbook

I got a great surprise in the mail today - a new textbook from Enslow Publishing on Frederick Douglass, featuring a photo I took of his gravestone during one of my Rochester visits. (He's buried in Rochester's Mount Hope Cemetery, alongside both Anna Murray Douglass and Helen Pitts Douglass.) It's part of their Americans: The Spirit of a Nation series. Here's a lousy iPhone picture of my name in the center of the illustrations credits...

I'd posted the photo set on Flickr last year and Enslow got in touch to see if they could use it - I was happy to oblige, and happier still to see the finished result. Lots of great archival photos including a rare one of Douglass in 1850, and the one I love of Helen and Frederick during their marriage. (Despite the caption, it's actually Eva standing next to him; Helen's the one looking across the table all goggle-eyed.)

So I believe this means that I am now published in a second book (Knowing Pains being the first.) Getting ever closer to that elusive goal of being in a book I actually write from cover to cover.

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