Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Pandora Pick

The application that I am probably spending the most time with on my iPhone is Pandora Radio. The Oakland-based company offers a nifty free app for customizing a radio station to the listener's preferences, with a subscription option that is ad-free and allows longer uninterrupted play. It's based on a proprietary approach called the Music Genome Project that tags individual songs with metadata to more accurately call up similar music.

Pandora on the iPhone has replaced the car radio as my music source as I pot around town doing errands.

And every time a song comes on Pandora that I love, it tends to be the Devlins, who I had never heard of before. Looking for a suitable clip for today, I realized that this song of theirs was on the pilot for Six Feet Under, one of my all time favorite TV shows, so in fact I had heard them before. Only Pandora made it much easier to figure out. Enjoy.

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