Monday, May 2, 2011

I thought it said "Annoying Know It Alls"

Today I've got a guest post on SMARTS Magazine, an online magazine for "Aspiring Know It Alls" who share  nuggets of wisdom about their particular arena of expertise, be it fashion and beauty or cooking or health matters. So what's my particular piece of the pie?

Failure. How proud my parents must be.

Specifically, it's about how being a failure at a big project was actually a good lesson for my kids, in disguise. I hope you'll click through to Failing By Example and leave a comment there if you liked it.

As for the Aspiring part of the tagline, you can just ask my siblings and husband...I achieved "Know It All" status YEARS ago.


  1. Just read your post - it was wonderful! Can't wait to get to know you more through the #SITSclass! :) Glad to have met you.

  2. I loved your "failure" story, Nancy. Anyone who writes or has any creative aspiration at all can relate. Except, maybe, Tina Fey and a handful of others who have never had to experience rejection. But they're missing out on the full human condition, don't you think?


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