Friday, April 22, 2011

All Roads Lead Back to Neil

I've been on a bit of a walkabout for the past week, what with the guest posting - first at ScaryMommy and then at WorkingMomsBreak. One of the most exciting rewards of a guest post stint is having new readers stop on by Normalarkey, and finding out from their comments what they're all about. Humor? Parenting? Dogs? Mexican beer stands?

Turns out, the topic category most remarked upon by my new readers this week: Neil Finn.

I am convinced that if you take any sentient human female between the ages of 25 and 50 and shake her upside down by the ankles, a little Neil Finn love will tinkle out. I think it might also be the same case if the sentient human is male, too.

As my little tag cloud will show you, this blog, in particular before it got all gussied up and Normalarkey-ed, gave quite a bit of press time to the Antipodean crooner who used to sing with Crowded House and before that, Split Enz. Not so much lately, for no real reason than that other songs and bands captured the gestalt of what I was writing about on Fridays a bit more accurately.

But friends, if you love some Neil, far be it from me to deny you. Apropos of my virtual wandering this past week, here he is singing the Split Enz song "Take a Walk" with Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam at the 2001 "7 Worlds Collide" show in Auckland. I could have cared less about Pearl Jam before I saw this performance, but once I heard Vedder laying down the Finn gospel too I started cutting him some slack, and now I quite like his music. 

See? Neil is all about bringing people together, and so is blogging. Here's to you, readers - have a great weekend.

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