Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Regifting...it's environmentally friendly...

During the past week of non-stop eating and drinking which will enable me to ring in the New Year with an additional 27 pounds, I heard a story that may well be the funniest thing I've heard in 2009. Since today is garbage pick-up day in our neighborhood, and with apologies to my friend Andrea (and her son who was the eyewitness) I thought I'd share it.

We have two garbage patrols that come down our streets every Tuesday - one for the compost and household garbage cans, and one for the recycling. Andrea, a terrific baker, packaged up two sets of cookies for last Tuesday. The first, for the guy who has to pick up two cans, was packed into a nice tin with a thank you note and placed on the garbage can. The second was a bit smaller, a plate of cookies and a note, left atop the recycling can.

So last Tuesday morning in the predawn hours, what to her 11-year old son's eyes did appear as he happened to be gazing out at the street?

The first garbageman arrives, picks up his tin, opens it to examine the goodies inside. By mistake, FLIPS IT INTO THE STREET, sending snickerdoodles and sugar cookies rolling downhill, into bushes, under car tires. He madly scrambles to rescue a few, picks them up, brushes off the visible dirt and grass (and I'm sure his hands were super clean, what with him being a garbage man and all) and replaces them into the tin.

Which he then puts on top of the recycling can, taking the other guy's cookie plate and driving off in the garbage truck.

Now THAT's the spirit of the season!

UPDATE: I think these guys are totally on to each other. This morning I put two wrapped boxes of See's Candy out on the garbage cans, with thank you notes. Only the recycling guy (recipient of Andrea's gritty cookies) has been by so far. But both boxes of candy are gone.

Touché , trash engineer!

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