Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Defying Gravity

When I thought about what song would be a fit for the new year, this one was an easy choice.

It's been a tough year. The stress and hardship that we saw visited on dear friends and family due to job loss made us feel helpless and frustrated, and during the last few weeks of the year it finally came home to roost in our own house. We are poised on the edge of the new year surrounded by uncertainty, and it would be easy to wallow in it.

And yet, there was so much good about 2009. A trip to New Zealand, a terrific start in a great middle school for our eldest, the catching of the ballet and performing arts bug by the girls, more unquenchable love from a goofy dog, healthy parents, progress on the book, long bike rides, and friends too numerous to fit in a school bus.

So I am filled with hope for 2010. There are enough limits put on us by circumstance; I guess I like this song's message that we don't necessarily have to accept them.

And in a final nod to the goodness of 2009, this is the Glee cast version.If you still haven't got on the bandwagon, a little backstory: the two kids are having a Diva-off to see who will be picked to sing this for sectionals. Kurt has been told he can't, because he's a boy - an incident that actually happened to the actor who plays him, Chris Colfer. And that sour note he belts out at the end? On purpose. Luckily as of this week you can catch up and find out why.

Update: Well, that's a fine kettle of fish; yesterday the clip was available, today it's not. If you're still inclined to see it, follow this link - to the Tony Award performance by the original cast members Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Happy New Year!

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