Monday, July 20, 2009

The Literary City

To all my friends who have let their print subscriptions to the Chronicle lapse, I hope you can still beg, borrow, or steal a copy of yesterday's books section. On the cover, and thanks to their new state of the art printing presses,is a gorgeous map of San Francisco drawn by Ian Huebert to illustrate John McMurtie's "Literary City"essay. An ode to the city that has spawned so much literary talent and provided so much inspiration to writers around the globe, the vibrant drawing of San Fran is filled, every inch, with quotes from great writers writing about the city by the Bay.

You can look at it online here, but without a print copy you can't hang it on your wall like I'm planning to do...

My favorite quote? The late great Herb Caen of the Chronicle: "San Francisco is still a city that likes to have a good time and will proceed to have it, as soon as it finds a place to park." (1957)

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