Thursday, June 4, 2009

Word of the Day: Momona

Learned a new Maori word from my Kiwi Diary this week: Momona. It means fat. As is "That swing beat is momona!"

Let's make it the new "fetch," shall we? Hope you

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  1. A big momona thank you to the person who pointed out that this entry just sort of...trails off...

    blame it on the fact that when I went looking for the Fetch video from mean girls, I was soon plunged into a YouTube browser fugue's Lindsay Lohan telling Rachel McAdams that butter is a carb! Here's the girl from Mama Mia but more importantly, Big Love, being mean to Rachel McAdams! Big Love...Bill Paxton...Mormon daddy supreme...

    and so on until I forgot to finish. Hope you like the word momona.


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