Monday, July 21, 2008

Back in the land of fog

We arrived home from our two weeks of East Coast summer humidity on Saturday...hard to believe it's the same season here in Oakland, with the fog blanketing the Oakland Hills until late afternoon. After nearly 11 years on the West Coast, that New York/Vermont mugginess followed by cracking thunderstorms followed by cool breezes still says summer more, I have to admit.

This vacation should have been subtitled "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be New Hampshire." We decided to cover a lot of ground in our rental car, a.) to see lots of family and friends, b.) to see part of New England that we've never visited before, and c.) so we could turn around in the front seats and yell things at the children like, "Clam up! I once had to drive from New York to FLORIDA with my family, and I never complained once!" Success on all three counts.

Hard to choose favorites but we definitely liked Old Sturbridge Village (pictures from the shoemaker's workshop above), the Emily Dickinson Museum, and the gigantic 15 foot wide bean bag chairs at MassMOCA. Lots of close encounters with agricultural life via Shelburne Farms and the Monroe County Fair, and lots of donuts.

But it sure is nice to come home to our own beds, Peets coffee, and one very excited German Shorthaired Pointer.

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