Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Path of Least Resistance

I have about 20 topics I'd like to be posting on this week, but between the surreal feelings around my father in law's passing, getting ready to travel to the funeral, the last four days of school (half days, no less!) and getting two bedrooms painted so that the girls can finally each have their own room, there just aren't enough hours.

Hence I am taking the lazy blogger's way out and just posting a video that I found Oh So Entertaining. VeloNews is out with its big Tour de France preview issue, and leafing through it I found reference to this clip...Bjarne Riis riding for Telekom in 1997 (the year after he won) and running into what is euphemistically termed "a mechanical problem." After watching the clip you may not be surprised to learn that Riis, who now owns and manages Team CSC, admitted to doping during his 1996 Tour win, and tour officials retracted his win from the record books. Looks like he had a little agro problem, just possibly.

Also, were the announcers being paid for each use of the word "rate"?

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