Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm a bona fide Scary Mommy

One of my most vivid childhood memories was being awoken in the early hours one morning by my dad, who was rummaging around under my pillow for the tooth I'd placed there the night before and leaving two shiny quarters in its place. When I arrived at the breakfast table, indignant, I said, "DAD! I know you are the Tooth Fairy! You woke me up!"

To which he answered, "Me? I was just making change."

Lies, lies, lies, yeah - it's not just a song by the Thompson Twins but a bona fide parenting technique (used judiciously, of course) for keeping a kid happy. So imagine how thrilled I was when Jill at - motto: "An honest take on motherhood" -  invited me to guest post on her site today, about the four lies I tell my kids to keep the peace. 

Just to give you some context: is the site where I go when I want to dream big about being a blogger with a capital B. She has serious cred, in part because she's a great writer, in part because she bends over backwards to build community with her readers, and in part because she may have the best blog name out there. It's an honor and thrill to be part of the ScaryMommySociety today so I hope you'll click through here and take a look! (Except for you, my two darling daughters. If you figure out what the four lies are, I'm sunk.)  


  1. Hi,

    I'm a full time working mom (advertising, 50+ hours/week plus travel and commute) raising a kid in NYC and love your blog.

    I have given you the Versatile Blogger award. You can check it out here:

    Congrats and enjoy!


  2. I just read your post over at (awesome post!); I can totally relate to the 'keeping the peace' tales of untruth's (heehee).


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