Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Music Moment: Heart Pumping Edition

With my post earlier this week referring to my love of a good long walk, I figured I'd dip into the archive for a nice pedestrian-themed song on our Music Moment. Then I got my sneakers knotted up, paralyzed by choice. Have you ever considered how many songs include the word "walk" in the title, across genres, years, and channels?

Miss Patsy sings about walking after midnight; Lou Reed takes us on a walk on the wild side; Marc Cohn goes walking in Memphis while Split Enz decides to walk through ruins. Nancy Sinatra's not the only Nancy whose boots were made for walking, and though I haven't seen the actual Tweet, Kanye reminds us that Jesus walks, perhaps on the sunshine that Katrina and the Waves are always going on about. I couldn't possibly choose from all the walking songs out there. I'm supposed to decide whether Annie Lennox's experience walking on glass is better (or worse) than Iron Maiden's? 

Ironically, when I'm actually out walking I try not to take my iPod because I am supposed to be thinking writerly thoughts, and I can't do that when I'm singing the kiss-off gospel with CeeLo or crooning country songs with Teddy Thompson.

But I give myself the weekends off from self-imposed silence, and then I always make sure this song is queued up.  It's not about walking, but it is hands-down the best song to listen to while walking, if you're trying to get the old blood pumping. Seriously - I dare you to hit "play" below and not wiggle in your seat at least once before it ends. Not the original version by Miss Mary J., but this specific remix, first brought to my attention by a friend's teenage son. In fact, if you hear a middle aged blonde in the Oakland Hills suddenly blurt out "and she wanted me to let ya know that she would cook fer ya" as she whips past you on the trail, well, nice to meet you.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are this weekend, long enough so you can get out and get a move on.


  1. I will never hear this song without thinking of last New Year's Eve and our circle around the block, Coby being dragged on the skateboard and you swinging your iPhone with this song playing!
    Now let's go on that walk!

  2. Nancy, you are hysterical! I LOVE reading your blog. Now you've got me thinking about my favorite walking songs...I'll get back to you on that;)

    Btw, Annie Lennox walks on broken glass...ouch! I love U2's "Walk on" and Franz Ferdinand's lesser known "Walk Away". Worth watching the video on youtube because of the fabulous sweater vests:

  3. Yep, this is the song that often gets me through the end of my run. Thanks to Jakob!

  4. I love that Franz Ferdinand song (as well as Eleanor Put Your Boots On which could be considered a preamble to a walking song.) However I fear that this video reinforces my husband's weird contention that, if push came to shove, he could beat up any person in the United Kingdom, including the members of this band. I mean, those sweater vests...

    Just biding my time for my next mix CD from Jakob so I'll be up on what all the cool kids are listening to!

  5. How could you neglect "I Walk Away" by either the Enz or Crowded House?! I prefer the Enz one - the other just sounds to Bryan Adams-ish to me.

  6. Why not "Take a Walk" off Time and Tide?

    Since I'd already name-dropped Walking Through the Ruins I didn't want this to get too Enz heavy. BTW You sly vixen you - now I know who my reader who "lives" in Te Awamutu is...


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