Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Music Moment - Saturday Sun by Crowded House

Over the years I may have blogged a time or two about Neil Finn and Crowded House. But I was AWOL here on the blog during 2010's biggest Crowded House news - the release of their new album Intriguer, and a spate of Northern California concerts (which I missed because of Family Camp, but I'm sure they managed without me.)

So playing a bit of catch up here with a post of "Saturday Sun" for today's music moment.  Love the song, and the video's definitely different.  The bad news about the video is that it actually makes the already awful porn 'stache sported by Neil throughout this recent tour look like a Hitler mustache. The good news is that he's now clean shaven, so future videos from this album should be more palatable for Finn fans like me.

As for the album itself, it won't punch you between the eyes with the over-the-top pop genius of, say, Together Alone or Woodface. But no one can contest the sheer musical talent of this band, and Intriguer has its own quiet appeal. I find myself playing it more and more frequently as the lyrics to songs like  "Either Side of the World" and "Archer's Arrow" sink in. If  you're looking for the old "jump up on the stage and sing" style beloved by Frenz everywhere love, "Twice if You're Lucky" fits the bill.

And I hope you have a sunny Saturday!

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