Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Music Moment - Cello Song

I'm telling you right off the bat, this is an audio clip only. And yet I'm posting it, because this week what I needed was LESS stimulation, not more.

The song is Cello Song, by the Books and featuring my fourth-favorite Swede, Jose Gonzalez. It's from the Dark Was The Night compilation, the annual release from the Red Hot Organization to benefit AIDs research. (Trivia point: the very first album from the group was Red Hot and Blue and included Sinead O'Connor's rendition of the Cole Porter classic "You Do Something to Me" - the song for our first dance at our wedding.)

All week I've been in overdrive - still catching up on work, burbling around in my head all the millions of ideas I got last week at the writing retreat and yet not getting to write any of them down, worrying about my friend's sick mom, feeling like it can't possibly be March yet. Today what I need - and maybe you do too - is to close my eyes and just listen for a few minutes.

Have a Zen weekend. The whole "Dark Was the Night" album is great, by the way, and you know it's for a good cause.

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