Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday's Music Moment - Permission to drive your kids crazy on Father's Day

My husband of 17 years is a great and devoted dad to our two daughters, but that doesn't mean he's above teasing all three of the women in his life. Mercilessly. One of his favorite methods these days is to sing the song "Human" by the Killers, or to just casually say the lyrics in a conversational tone, over and over until the girls reach the groaning point.

The thing is, he really has a lovely voice, thanks to all those years his mom bribed him to sing in her church choir. But it's the gleam in his eye when he says, "Girls, come here, I have a question for you. Are we human? Or are we dancer?" that really puts them over the edge.

On Sunday he will be allowed to sing this song all day. Happy Father's Day to Andrew and all the great dads out there who make sure their kids grow up with a healthy sense of humor.

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