Friday, November 14, 2008

Fifty Golden Years

Somehow it was fitting that last week, the culmination of one of the most exciting presidential elections ever, was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. My father is a Republican and my mother is a Democrat, and for half a century they've been cancelling each other's vote and then going out to breakfast together on Election Day. If that doesn't say "lasting love" then I don't know what does.

I haven't posted since last Friday because I flew to my hometown of Rochester NY to surprise them at the small family gathering they'd planned. I would love to have been sharing stories - of my long delays on my JetBlue flights, an airline that I am sad to see has gone down the tubes right along with the rest of the industry. Or of my childhood friend who read my Facebook profile and figured out that I was coming home before I'd had the chance to call her, making social networking more efficient than actual networking. Or of my Flip Mino camera, which enabled me to play greetings from my kids on my parent's TV and record Grandma and Grandpa's greetings to take back home with me with such utter ease that it wasn't the least bit intrusive.

But my parents have been nothing if steadfast in two things: their marriage, and their utter lack of interest in anything faster than dial up for their internet connection. I just don't know how we all coped back in 1992 when dial up was the only speed we had. Oh. My. Lord. The thought of trying to get onto Blogger to post was crazy making. So I unplugged for five days, enjoyed the company of my weird and wonderful family, and was actually happy to see snow fall.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad (pictured here with all eight of their grandchilren.) May your love last as long as it takes to download an Apple QuickTime update to your laptop.

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